Guess What?!

(Song selection? Any suggestions? Or better yet, just go listen to “In the Mood” originally performed by Glenn Miller & Orchestra, because this is one of the songs I’m trying to learn.)

I’m so excited about my newest thing: I joined a band!! No, this is not a garage band dreaming of record deals and groupies. This group is a local community band that performs many summer-through-holidaze concerts, ranging from appearances at fairs, parades, and other country-living events statewide. Fortunately, we will not be playing all country and bluegrass music.

I haven’t played with a group since high school; I am used to being a soloist, free to choose and interpret music as my ear sees fit. It feels strange, yet familiar in a riding-a-bike way, to look over the page to a director at the front reminding us of the beat, the drum behind trying to do the same, and the sounds of many performers playing individual parts to come together as a harmonious sound. Of course, as a tenor sax player, I sit near the back, so I don’t always hear all the sounds in front of me.

I am, by far, the youngest person in the group, which I’m told, numbers 40-50 in the middle of the summer. I also play the oldest looking instrument; my sax is an early 1940’s King Zephyr. Judging by looks and the effort required to play it, it has had a hard life. I really do love my sax, but if I had the money for a replacement, this one could be retired. I don’t need or want a brand-shiny new instrument; I would like a well made, well maintained, vintage horn. The tonal quality matures over time, much like a fine wine needs to age. Besides, a brand new, shiny yellow colored sax doesn’t evoke the same feeling of down-and-out old time blues, which this sax snob feels is absolutely necessary.

I’ve now been to two rehearsals and received brand new music both nights. Or first performance is next weekend, with no more rehearsals before then. I’m one step beyond sight reading, and I’m the only tenor who was even given the music for the performance. We are going to suck!! But I’m having so much fun. In these last couple of weeks, our rehearsals have been the only events in my life that keep me smiling from beginning to hours afterwards.


3 Responses to “Guess What?!”

  1. 1 Puffy April 13, 2008 at 3:19 pm

    If you want a new sax, have you tried looking at a pawn shop?

  2. 2 ihaveasong April 13, 2008 at 3:38 pm

    Thanks for the idea, Puffy. I do look at ebay occasionally and a state-wide classifieds publication, but I think a new sax is somewhere on my list of things to buy when I win the lottery!

  3. 3 MSeeker2 April 14, 2008 at 8:18 am

    Nice to hear you having some genuine fun. Being a musician is a part of your past that obviously brought you much joy, so it’s definitely a good thing to be enjoying it once again. Bottom line: do what makes you happy, you deserve it!

    Music is such a great outlet, a bare necessity of life. After a hard day, week, or particularly difficult event, I seem to gravitate to a local B & N or Borders for solace and/or reward. Not a cure-all but it surely help! I’m a big sax fan – I’ll have to dig thru my collection and find you some good stuff. Look out for it. Have fun w/ your new band…

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