Hey AHA’s

You know who you are.

Do you guys remember a certain restaurant, “WW”, here in town? I suspect none of you have eaten there in a few years.

They used to be a good pub…back before I was even old enough to legally be in there. I did get in a few times though, so I have some idea of what it was like. Then six? seven? years ago, they sold and the new management hired new employees. Things went downhill, frankly, because the service sucked. The wait staff and bartender didn’t seem to care about the customers, and they had a habit of giving “last call” at 9 pm or earlier! Wouldn’t you agree that pub that consistently closes by 9 sounds like a surefire recipe for disaster? The last time I was even in there was a few years ago now, although I can see their sign from my bedroom window.

Fast forward to last fall. The place sold again, and we all had high hopes that there would be improvements and the place would return to its old self. However, the owner sold to a friend, and the friend kept the same crappy staff.

Fast forward again to last Wednesday. I drove by on my way home (maybe sixish?) and the place was dark. Then the following night I went out to a different eating/drinking establishment, and people were talking rumors.

On Wednesday, the owner of the “WW” laid off his entire staff, locked the door, and moved to Florida. Nobody knows if he will return.

Anyone want to buy a cute little pub? I could use a job; I’ll help you run it.


2 Responses to “Hey AHA’s”

  1. 1 MSeeker2 February 23, 2009 at 11:58 am

    I’m sure w/ your social graces, your good work ethics & your people-friendly personality, you could get the ol’ watering hole hopping again in no time!

  2. 2 SASQUATCH February 25, 2009 at 1:18 pm

    Quite interesting…..Thanks for the update. Very unfortunate, for, as you know, a few of us greatly enjoyed some annual Sunday evening dinners there……food, service, and ambiance were very good…………way back then. Then, things “headed south”…and we took our business elsewhere (as I’m certain others did as well. Just another example of poor management not paying attention to even the smallest of details…..including the complete pleasure and satisfaction of his customers. I’m fortunate enough to have three places I frequent where that is NOT the case….including one where the owner regularly stops at each table to “chat” and check things out.
    We still reminisce….but, quite frankly, for the past couple of years we’ve currently also enjoyed the latest establishment which you introduced us to.
    I totally agree with the comment of “MSeeker2″…….If I had the monies, I probably wouldn’t hesitate at all to back you with your attributes.

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