They Called!

I have a phone interview set up for Monday morning. Wish me luck! Yes, I know phone interviews are supposed to be bad, but this is for a call center position, so it definitely makes sense to examine my phone persona.

The man I spoke with said he has two full-time positions left to fill, and eight part-time. He said I would have a better shot at getting my foot in the door if I was willing to start part-time afternoons/evenings, but he also mentioned that after the initial training period, he imagines that if I wanted 40 hours a week, I would be able to have it. (As a side note, does that mean if I wanted 45 or 50 hours a week I could have that too?) I don’t want to settle; I just need to prove that I am one of his top two candidates. And, frankly, the company would be making a mistake by not having me working in the mornings anyway.

I’ve been researching the company, and I have a list of questions. I plan to speak slowly and clearly, and I know to sit up straight and smile. I will not be sipping tea or munching on cereal. I promise not to bad mouth my current or previous employer; I promise to shield my pessimism. I can interview just fine. This company would be lucky to get a hold of me.

As we waited on the sidewalk this morning for our supervisor to let us in the building, a coworker was telling me about how much she regrets leaving her job at a nearby physicians office. She thought she was burned out at that place, but now she appreciates what a good job it was. I told her I know of several openings in the hospital system in the county south of us, that she would be well qualified for. I gave her the web address of my preferred job listing site. I wouldn’t consider us friends, and I may apply for those openings too, but I don’t really consider her the competition. I have a college degree! I’m not from this place! I don’t plan to die here! Which is really why I should aim higher.

Another coworker has a huge crush on one of our customers and plans to slip him her number at some point in the near future, which brought up this whole discussion of ‘keeping your options open’. Never mind that I am more than three years into my existing relationship, my supervisor wants to set me up. Ugh. People come on! Let’s please not engage in extracurricular activities with our customers! We are not that kind of customer service business!


1 Response to “They Called!”

  1. 1 SASQUATCH September 7, 2009 at 5:35 pm

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!…..And, Yes, I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. Will not “wish you luck” because your personality, talents and capabilities are your forte.

    Lotsa Luv ‘n stuff, as always,


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