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Food Glorious Food

~Lionel Bart (from “Oliver”)

Have you seen the new Chocolate Skittles (CS)? Have you tried them? Let’s discuss.

CS are not a smooth, melt in your mouth, chocolate. I suppose M&M’s (or Smarties in Canada… did you know that Smarties are two different candies?) has the corner on that market. CS are chewy; they have the same mouth feel as original skittles – candy coating over chewy center. Tootsie Rolls are the only chewy chocolate that I can think of. Chocolate should be creamy in your mouth, not sticking in your teeth. Strike one for CS.

CS have five flavors, from lightest to darkest in color: vanilla, s’mores, chocolate caramel, chocolate pudding, and brownie batter.  Let’s discuss these individually.

Vanilla: Um, correct me if I’m wrong, but vanilla is not a chocolate flavor. Vanilla is the <i>anti</i>-chocolate! If the creators were looking for a light color, what’s wrong with white chocolate? I like vanilla, but this flavor does not even belong in the bag.

S’mores: To me, s’mores are all about the toasty marshmallow; the chocolate and the graham cracker are bonuses. S’mores cannot possibly be one of the top five chocolate flavors.

Chocolate Caramel: Not a bad flavor concept, but I can’t say I tasted the full name in the skittle. I can’t say I tasted much of anything. Also, if they got caramel in the bag, where is the Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor?

Chocolate Pudding: This was probably my favorite flavor. But sadly, that isn’t saying much.

Brownie Batter: In the world of unbaked baked goods, doesn’t Cookie Dough rank higher in popularity?

I just don’t get it. Someone was actually paid to come up with these flavors. Pretty good scam of a job if you ask me. Basically I was disappointed all the way around with this new candy. Original Skittles are among my favorite candies, but not these. Of course, this is not to say I won’t eat them again.



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