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UPDATE: I managed to check my email with no problems on a computer in the office at work today. Or, more accurately, I was finally able to delete all the spam in my inbox. I thought the problem was fixed! But then I checked my email at home, and it is still messed up. Both computers were using Windows and Firefox, so I guess the problem lies within my computer. Damn Dell.

I had a huge waffle craving a few weeks ago, but when I went to the brand new Lowes they were sold out of waffle irons. Three weeks in a row. Reluctant to go to Wally World, today I went to a small-chain local department store. They had more choices than Lowes and the prices were about the same. Oh, and they actually had some on the shelf. So what do you think I just ate for dinner? Well, I had to try it out!! And I had real maple syrup, and fresh strawberries and kiwi. Yummy.


email troubles

My email account (a yahoo) is currently dead and has been since Friday. The display is off, things are out of place, buttons don’t work, and other items are completely non-existent. I cannot compose or open emails, although I can see who has sent to me.

I really really hope this is not a virus problem, and is a problem with yahoo that will be worked out in the near future. I’m starting to have the shakes from email withdrawal. Also, there are a good number of people who only know that address as the way to contact me…I’d be very sorry to lose them entirely if this isn’t resolved. I do not wish to get a new address.

If you communicate with me via email, I suggest you run a virus scan. Mine (Norton) didn’t turn up anything, but I don’t completely rule out the possibility.

For the time being, if anyone should wish to contact me, the best way is to post here, or call me.


There is a Chinese Proverb that states: "A bird does not sing because it has the answers. It sings because it has a song." This is my song. I don't pretend to have the answers.